ShoutCast Streaming Hosting

For your Radio station needs we have personal Shoutcast server to keep your or professional Internet radio station, fast and always available.

We suggest to utilize this Streaming average Technology because it is compatible with all players currently on the market: ace well ace we now have proxy (port 80) streaming links available for all new for ShoutCast server your to customer that plows behind to firewall contact for U.S. dwells information.


Streaming Features Plan  
ShoutCast Admin Control Panel ul
Free Setup ul
Unlimited Traffic/No Hidden fees ul
99,9% Uptime Guarantee ul
High Global Speed Network ul
Praise Server & Network ul
Free Customer Support ul
Support of mp3, mp3PRO, ACC, and ACC+ streams ul
Listeners dog uses Winamp, RealOne or Windows Media Player ul
Powerful, Reliable and Scalable Technology ul
Continual Service Enhancements ul
Easily Upgrade or Downgrade ul
Flexible Billing Options ul

Concurrent Listener Plans (Select your best Bit Rate and Number of Listeners combination) and Bandwidth Plans (Select your best Disk Space, Traffic and Listeners combination)

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